A Knight’s Tale

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Movies
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A Knights TaleA knock-off Gladiator-esque arena filled with people stomping their feet and clapping their hands to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”, and yet the story is set in 14th century Europe.

This just reeks of bad cheese, doesn’t it?

Yet that’s kind of the point. The creators of this movie realize that the music doesn’t quite fit the scene…and that’s why you should think it’s “cool”. What other movie has ever done such a thing? What other movie would have taken that type of chance?

What other movie has a “spur of the moment” dance sequence set to David Bowie’s “Golden Years”?

Well…you certainly don’t see scenes like that every day in movies, do you?

Heath-Ledger-Promo-Shoot-AKT-a-knights-tale-12062059-1547-2000But here’s the thing: the movie is actually quite entertaining.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “great” or “awesome”, but it’s certainly “good”. It’s the fact that the movie isn’t actually “bad” that makes this cheesy movie so much fun (the excellent cast certainly helps, too). If it sucked, then the whole concept would fail. Because it’s good, you’re sitting back watching it and wondering just why in the world the movie’s soundtrack includes Thin Lizzy and Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

But it does. And you like it. And people around the world like it.

5085_headingYou really shouldn’t…the concept, in theory, doesn’t work. Yet here it is…a movie that made over $110,000,000 worldwide at the box office and continually plays on television every year, over a decade after it was released. It’s become a modern-day version of a fairytale filled with action, romance, true love, and a scene featuring “Low Rider” by War.

Obviously, this movie has become the very definition of being a “guilty pleasure”.


  1. The start of the movie with “We Are the Champions” is perfect!

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