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Indiana Jones 4

I grew up as a fan of Harrison Ford. I remember sitting in the theatres in the late 70’s watching Star Wars for the first time. I remember actually owning the soundtrack to Raiders of the Lost Ark on vinyl.

Ahhhh…those were the days.

Indiana Jones 4I wanted to forgive George Lucas for almost single-handedly destroying the Star Wars franchise with his horrible dialogue, Jar Jar Binks, and bad acting-infused “second trilogy”. I thought he would have learned his lesson. Surely he wouldn’t wreck the Indiana Jones series, would he? I mean, wouldn’t Spielberg or Ford himself jump in if things got too out of hand?

Apparently not.

Indiana Jones 4 (i.e. “…and The Kingdom of The Crystal Skull) was the movie that was supposed to bring back an incredibly well-loved character and hopefully launch an entirely new Indy series with his son (i.e. Shia LaBeouf) as the lead. Unfortunately, what we got was a movie with very little Indiana Jones elements and a whole bunch of alien nonsense.

Oh…and that whole swinging monkey scene. And Cate Blanchett doing a horrible Russian character. Sigh…

Indiana Jones 4Listen, there were some Indy elements in the movie. The chase scene with the Russians was fun (the library scene was classic Indy), the jungle chase scene was good, and having Marion Ravenwood (i.e. Karen Allen) return was a nice twist. Some of the comedy and the set-up scenes were right out of the original Indy movies. The problem was Lucas infusing his love for all things alien into a series that should have had ZERO to do with aliens.

Sure, Indiana Jones movies were never the most realistic (Temple of Doom, anyone?), but they always tried to have some semblance of realism in them. While the 50’s were huge with Area 51 conspiracies and Russian communism fear-mongering, did they really need to be combined so blatantly?

Indiana Jones 4Yet people still watch and enjoy the movie. While openly criticized as being the worst of the series, it grossed almost $800 million worldwide and spawned talk of yet another sequel. I can’t lie…I’ve watched it on more than one occasion and own it on DVD (thought I’m not 100% convinced on buying it on Blu-Ray quite yet).

You want to hate it. You openly criticize it. You blow it off as “sucking”. Yet, you’re strangely drawn to watching it. This, my friends, is what a guilty pleasure movie is all about.