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Vanilla Ice

Posted: November 2, 2012 in Music
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Okay…I’ll be the first to admit that there’s not a whole lot out there to love about Ice after you’ve heard “Ice Ice Baby” a couple thousand times, but you gotta admit that there’s something lovable about the guy that just keeps him going more than the Energizer bunny (do they even DO those commercials anymore?).

For those unaware, Vanilla Ice was the first artist to take a rap song to the #1 position on the Billboard 100 charts. That, one would think, would be enough to cement his position at the top of rap’s “all time greats” list, right?

Well…not really.

There were many reasons for Ice’s lack of respect. One would be that he dressed like this:

Yeah…that pretty much eliminated any credibility he’d get with the black/hispanic/pretty-much-everybody-else community. I mean, can you imagine a bunch of kids on some street corner in Brooklyn thinking it was the coolest damn thing in the world to crank out “Ninja Rap” on their ghetto blaster to psych themselves up for a drive-by?

And people thought that Ice had pretty much disappeared after 1993 came to a close. Oh, I think not, people. This guy has been on television more in the last ten years than in the height of his popularity. Seriously.

Don’t believe me?

The Surreal Life — This was pretty much his “comeback” performance. He went around trashing the place and telling the world just how much he hated being Vanilla Ice and acted like a big  douchebag, yet went on to say afterwards that it was all just an act to make for interesting television. He then went on to perform “Ice ice baby” all around the world for years afterwards in front of some pretty impressive crowds…

Vanilla Ice, Jann Arden, and some other chick who comprise the judging team on “Canada Sings”.

Canada Sings – This is an…umm…interesting concept. Basically, a bunch of co-workers at some Canadian company get together and come up with a Glee-esque performance. Three judges (of which Vanilla is one) will then give some opinions  and decide which team of co-workers get to earn $10,000 for the charity of their choice. I mean, it makes sense, right? Whenever I think of “judging the singing ability of others”, I think of Vanilla Ice. Immediately.

Dancing on Ice – I honestly don’t even know where to begin or WHAT to tell you about THIS one…

The Vanilla Ice Project – You would think this was a joke until you actually saw it. Apparently, one of the things that Ice was doing all these years was flipping houses…and doing it well. So now he’s got his own show on the DIY Network where he gets to show off his reno skillz while still dressing like a home-boy from 1991. Nothing like watching a guy wearing a wife-beater and side-locked wide-brimmed cap talking like Snoop Dogg about how the interior needs a waterfall to make it shizzle.  Or something like that…

Oh…and don’t forget that Ice had a pretty substantial part in Adam Sandler’s wildly successfulThat’s My Boy“:

Any way you slice it, Vanilla Ice is still a part of today’s mainstream culture in some shape or form. You want to hate the guy, but he pops up all over the place and makes you want to pay attention.

And really…you still LOVE to hear “Ice ice baby”, even if you won’t admit it. That’s okay…I won’t tell anybody.